What is this, even?

Here you’ll find pieces written by people from /r/FanFiction. Read by redditors. Reviewed by redditors. Squeed about by redditors.

What this isn’t, is a professional style dissecting of people’s writing. There’ll be no scoring. No stars. We’re here to support writers, and to give their work a little more visibility.

  • There’s currently no fixed schedule. We’ll rely heavily on what we read from the sub, and our time is limited, but we’ll do what we can to provide you with content as frequently as possible.
  • There’s a mirror tumblr blog available if you want to spread the word. We’d appreciate any reblog you might have for us!
  • Multiple editors are engaged. So far we have: /u/satud2, /u/0909a0909, /u/Conneron, /u/rcobleigh, /u/pulltogether, and /u/00raeror confirmed.
  • If this takes off, I will invest in the next WordPress upgrade and play with the design.
  • The logo/icon was designed by our very own Conneron!


What if I want a fic reviewed? PM Taff! I can’t promise anything, but I’ll do what I can.

What if I wanna join, or help in any other way? PM Taff! If we have need of editors, I can invite you.

Do you have restrictions on genres/ratings/fandoms? No! We have different editors reading/reviewing different genres and ratings, and Taffer reads fandom blind.

Will reviews only be in English? Likely. Taffer can do German, but would rather not.

Will you only feature finished fics? Hell, no! As long as we are able to get a very good handle on the piece, we’ll review it regardless of completion status.